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Post  trossi96 on Sat May 07, 2011 1:51 am

hello my name is trossi1996 (Trossi) i been playing on this server a lot since like octoper last year Very Happy
my real name is Þröstur snær invarsson and i am 15 year's old Very Happy
i play as mutch as i can on this server and ppl like me and what i am/have been doing Smile
i have been and still am fixing greeft stuff Smile
i help ppl with their stuff and try to help ppl get started on this server Smile
i tell my frends to join the server
when i am not online im in school or sleeping Sleep (sume time's with my friend Smile )
i will try to donate to you but my mom whont let me get here card :'(
i have planed to do more pixel art but not so many house's (im not so good doing them)
i got admin for 5 mins and i was so happy that i jump arond my house Razz
i am realy happy guy and help full Smile
i am a mod+ and i am realy happy about that i can do more stuff and it's easy-er to make pixel art
i am looking up thing's to do in minecraft you can ask me to do some pixel art you like to be made on the server and i will make it Smile
if i will become a admin i will do more stuff and protect house's for other ppl Very Happy
i dont know how to protect or/and stuff but i can just look it up if i would know what the server is using Wink
i am friend's with boxer/MarriE in real live im with him in school
i am good friend with adapt Smile
i think i have told you all about my self Smile o and yes i live in iceland

now why i what to become a admin

this is just copy paste with my mod just with small chance Smile

ok i have been playing minecraft for 5-6 mons and i been playing on a lot of servers i been a admin on vcraft server (aes owns that server) he was realy happy about what i have been doing on that server you can just talk to him if you dont beleaf me Smile
what to become a admin because then i can do more i will be doing a lot of more pixel art and stuff on this server i live in iceland and i am in school for 6 hr a day and when i come home i go in the computer and i go and play minecraft i dont like being in singleplayer because it's just boring, this is a so good server and is open 24:7 and on weekends im almost 24:7 in it Very Happy now that thers coming summer i will be going to work but after work i will just come home and chill in minecraft Razz i like helping ppl doing stuff my real name is Þröstur Snær Ingvarsson and my minecraft name is trossi1996 i know how to take up videos from my screen and i am taking sume stuff up from the server:D and yeah i what to become a admin and yeah i been playing baconcraft for like 4-6 mons

þröstur snær

this is all i have to say Very Happy

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trossi1996 admin :D Empty Boxer's Opinion on this application

Post  MarriE on Sat May 07, 2011 8:23 am

This is not a bad Application, but I have to say, your english is pretty bad, and i know I make fun of you alot because of it(no offense). But honestly, I don't think the server needs more admins, we just lowered them down to 4 and i think that is the perfect number of admins for 1 server.


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trossi1996 admin :D Empty Re: trossi1996 admin :D

Post  AussieWipeout on Sat May 07, 2011 6:57 pm

lol i dont think we will be asking aes about as we are umm not on speaking terms as we fucked his server over after he fucked us over lololol but congratz on admin


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trossi1996 admin :D Empty Re: trossi1996 admin :D

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