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Post  Aarden on Tue May 24, 2011 8:46 am

Why Aarden for Staff?

I very much enjoy Baconcraft. No griefing, stealing or mean members. Over my little while on Baconcraft - I have learned a lot about its players, and about the multiplayer experience in itself. Now, that I have officially learned the ropes, I am ready to put my new-found knowledge into action. I wish to help other members, that were once like me, learn the ropes.

Who are You?

Ahh. I am one of the few "girl" minecrafter(s) out there. I found out about Minecraft through a mutual friend, and ever since then I was hooked Razz
Even though - I am a girl I am not about to let that undermine the Minecraft tips I can offer other players. (no laughing). -

Aarden Smile Please consider - and good day Very Happy Very Happy


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