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NEWS : 6/18/2010

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NEWS : 6/18/2010 Empty NEWS : 6/18/2010

Post  AussieBacom on Sat Jun 18, 2011 7:49 pm

Hello all baconcrafters, this is the current news and everything that will happen with this website and in the future.

I want to get the server and community running again, as I type this im setting up a Bukkit server.

The Future of BaconCraft:
BaconCraft has put me personally in a difficult position, i have spent the last week deciding on what to do, ive decided this:

Returning to old system from February 22nd 2011. "Old ranks and so on"
New Staff will be hired, no exception to current staff reading this ur all fired.
Server will be creative with animals only.

Will update/repost as i see fit.

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