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Post  bcr_achilles on Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:49 pm

Why choose bcr_achilles for staff?

Well, i love this server for the time I've played on it. I understand that griefing is wrong and a bannable offense, begging is also not good. I play this server all day and all night, and point out the griefers for the wrong things they do. The important things i do on the server is build primarily. Some recent buildings i have made is the snowman, and assisting with the golden ninja pig. I also help people when they need help with building things and supplies. I try my best to get along with everyone in the server, so they get along with me, making it a happy and fun time on the server.

About me, my name is colton, and i heard of this game from a good friend of mine in school one day, so i thought i might try it out a bit, i found out from playing the cracked version of this game that i love building things, alot! so i bought the game fully and joined Baconcraft through and started meeting new people and building things for them, and myself.

If you accept me into your staff team, i will learn the basics from the best, i will try to be the best that i can.


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