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trossi1996 mod 2 :D Empty trossi1996 mod 2 :D

Post  trossi96 on Sun May 01, 2011 2:04 am

I know I've done some stupid applications for this server before because I didn't understand how interesting Sad

ok i have been playing minecraft for 5-6 mons and i been playing on a lot of servers i been a admin on vcraft server (aes owns that server) he was realy happy about what i have been doing on that server you can just talk to him if you dont beleaf me Smile i what to become a mod or a admin because then i can do more Razz i will be doing a lot of more pixel art and stuff on this server i live in iceland and i am in school for 6 hr a day and when i come home i go in the computer and i go and play minecraft Very Happy i have another server that i am just trying to make and i just don't know how to make it better Sad i dont like being in singleplayer because it's just boring this is a good server and is open 24:7 and on weekends im almost 24:7 in it Very Happy now that thers coming summer i will be going to work but after work i will just come home and chill in minecraft Razz i like helping ppl doing stuff my real name is Þröstur Snær Ingvarsson and my minecraft name is trossi1996 if i would know how how to take up videos frome my screen i would make videos on this server Very Happy and yeah i what to become a mod/admin Very Happy and yeah i been playing baconcraft for like 1-2 mons Very Happy i am 15 years old Very Happy

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