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Gh0ztbuster's Mod Application Empty Gh0ztbuster's Mod Application

Post  gh0ztz on Thu Apr 21, 2011 12:37 pm

● A basic understanding of fairness and a usual attendance on the server.
● Has been a MOD or apart of staff in a separate occasion.

● 24Hours of logged activity while owners are online.
● A Referal from staff or a series positive replies to your application.
● A Good understanding of the rules and how to enforce them.

Things you need to write in application:
400 Word Essay on the application.
Real Name: Arthur Cast
Minecraft name: Gh0ztbuster
Position Looking for: Mod

-I understand most of the rules for the Baconcraft server
-I enjoy playing on Baconcraft
-I want everyone to play fare
-I like the staff

I know I've done some stupid applications for this server before because I didn't understand how interesting and well set up the server is. I am happy that this server is this way because just anyone can't become a high rank even though they may be irresponsible.
I've been playing Minecraft for a long time so I know a lot about the game. Also lately I've been playing on Baconcraft for a few weeks now and I know a lot about the rules.
Now a little bit about my history. I've only policed on one server so fare called Spartacraft. I was an admin for about 2 months so i have a bit of experience being a mod. I hated grievers, but I didn't ban them or kick them until I had proof or saw them doing it. The server is private and not on the forums, but it's not white list. So I did had to deal with grievers quit often considering there was no block protection.
This is another reason I want to become a mod on Baconcraft because it has many tools to help stop grieving and make building easier. This server is very fun to play on and the staff is nice and I enjoy being around them.
If I become a mod I plan to learn a lot more about the server and the rules so that I can help run the server smoothly. This server is a really the best server I've been on and want to be further evolved with.

Thank you for reading
Arthur Cast


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